About the Marketing Exchange

The Marketing Exchange was founded in 2013 to help small and medium size businesses locate and utilize marketing resources in their immediate geographies. The Marketing Exchange is uniquely divided into 3,394 separate Exchanges, each servicing a hyper-local geography and the businesses within that area.

There are two ways businesses can use the Marketing Exchange.

First, each exchange provides marketing options across nine (9) areas of marketing: Local Radio, Local Newspaper, Local Sponsorships, Press Releases, Marketing Supplies, Design Services, Web Services/Advertising, Email Marketing, and Social Media.

Second, businesses can become members of their local Exchange. Businesses that become members have access to an entire suite of marketing tools, including the Marketing Exchange Design Studio, our proprietary MX Analysis planning tool, comprehensive local media and sponsorship databases (MX Media Library and The Sponsorship Hub), The Inspiration Gallery that catalogues over 70 alternative forms of marketing and finally, MX Member Net where members can interact and create marketing partnerships, swap services and discounts.

Each Exchange also provides local Freelancer information. Visitors can browse these different areas free of charge.

Through these easy-to-use tools and resources, The Marketing Exchange seeks to simplify marketing for businesses everywhere, regardless of where the business is located and what type of marketing it chooses to use.